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Slushee-USA was founded in April, 1996. We have been servicing mini marts, gas stations, school districts, restaurants, coffee shops, movie theaters and home users ever since. Slushee-USA’s home office is based in Southern California. We are actively seeking Independent distributors Domestically and Internationally.

We offer high quality Fruit Based Slushees! Choose from Slushee-USA-Bar Mix, Slushee-USA-100% Fruit Juice (w No Sugar Added) mix, Slushee-USA- Frozen & Hot Cappuccino mixes, or Slushee-USA Real Fruit Smoothies.

Slushee-USA frozen drink mixes are specially formulated for home or commercial use.  Whether you like granitas, cappuccinos (hot or cold) or smoothies, you will definitely find your favorite her. We have appeared in many movies and TV shows! Slushee-USA is becoming well known world-wide. Slushee-USA is available as a distributorship.

Please go to the Slushee-USA distributor page if you are interested in becoming a distributor for the best tasting frozen drink available

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